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Getting Started

This guide will show you how to sync, share and manage your files with  You will also learn how to manage users and groups, edit your profile, view recent activity, how to use the calendar feature and manage contacts through the administration panel.

Managing Your Files

Your files can be easily accessed from anywhere using the browser based interface.  Simply click on the Files app where you can view, move, share, download and delete files.  You also have the option to create new folder to help orgainze your content.


New button options:

  • Text file will create a simple text file and add into the current folder in your ownCloud.
  • Folder will create a folder in current folder.
  • From link will download the file from the provided link and place it into the current folder.


Viewing Files

The administration panel will display uncompressed text files, OpenDocument files, PDFs, and image files by simply clicking on the file name. If displaying of a file is not possible, a download process will start.

Sharing Files

Any file/folder on ownCloud can be shared to download with a local user, group or any person online with a public link. Shared files/folders will show a Shared text next to their names.

To share a file/folder, hover your cursor on an item in the files app and click Share. You will be provided with some options:

Accessing Apps

You can access various built-in Apps in the administration panel.  You have the options to manage your files, view recent activity, show a list of documents, view pictures (slideshow option available), manage your calendars and view/edit your contacts list.


Managing Your Profile

To update your profile information, click on your username on the top right side of the page.  Here you will see a options to

  • update your contact information
  • change your password
  • add a profile picture
  • manage notifications
  • manage users
  • find addition help documents
  • logout of the system.


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Quick Tips

Download the app today and manage your files from your desktop or with your iPhone, iPad or Android device.