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FileStuff is built to address the complex content management needs of small and medium businesses (SMB) that struggle to cope with the ability to capture, manage, organize, access, sync and share the flood of digital information originating from within and outside their enterprise. FileStuff indexes all business information for easy search and retrieval, synchronizes content dynamically between

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  • Comprehensive Solution for Storing, Sharing, Synchronizing and Collaborating on all business content.
  • Multi-tenant architecture with centralized admin, customer, user, group and role management
  • Multi-platform access with ability to work online or offline, using your computer, smartphone, or tablet
  • Ability to supervise and secure data on premises and offers deeper functionality, greater flexibility, and tighter integration
  • Includes document version changes, Ability to delete and undelete files!
  • Content Repository : Aggregates content into a centralized storage repository
  • Sharing & Collaboration : Seamlessly enables business users to transfer files and folders between co-workers, clients and partners, from any location with specific access permissions
  • Dynamic File Synchronization : Ensures that all business files are in sync across all user devices automatically
  • Universal Content Access : Facilitates availability of business content on any user device
  • Easy-to-use Centralized Management : Leverages web based Interface for Administrators requiring control and visibility to customer accounts using comprehensive audit trails
  • App Integrations : Collates existing content from Google/Google Apps Docs & Emails and Social media